Meet Gene!

Meet Gene!

I'm Gene Gisin. I'm the mechanical engineer/designer for the operation! At C+L I do a lot of varied things - spanning from conceptual design to industrial design to manufacturing, sourcing and prototyping!

I have been to Burning Man more than 10 times!

Why you make with LEDs:

This technology is finally letting engineers create art with light! Always growing and improving, LEDs are constantly advancing the excitement possible! So it's like playing in a theme park that's getting new rides every day!

Favorite Artist:

I like melodic tech/house. Caleesi and Sarah Kreis are really good :)

Dream Project:

Making an AI interactive electronic rope-tugger for my doggo to play with!

Something that’s more out there: I keep dreaming of a global identity/individual feedback/crypto-based 'new village' concept. With the tech world penetrating deeper and deeper into every aspect of our lives - something along those lines needs to come around. Else we're (the humanity, like) are screwed!