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The future is bright

We’ve built $10m+ of installations for festivals, malls, and conference floors, and it is now our mission to make this magic more accessible.

Fluora transformed the humble houseplant into a stunning piece of digital art. A smart light with a nature form factor and 360 degree viewing angle. True 3d animations that swirl and pulse with over 16 million colors. And it’s just the beginning.

The indoor lighting market is ripe for an experiential revolution, and we’re the ones to do it.

We’ve leveraged 10+ years of creating unforgettable audiovisual experiences into building a revolutionary lighting product. This new technology is wireless, distributed, and all controllable by a mobile phone.

Our journey has a 3 part plan:

Create Initial Product

Create an initial product line that shows the world how transformative lighting can be.

Recurring Revenue

Build a recurring revenue stream around mesmerizing content & multi-sensory integrations.

Commercialize Photon

Commercialize Photon by licensing our software and embedding it in products and systems of massive Lighting OEMs (Philips, GE, etc.).

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