Meet Sumedh!

Meet Sumedh!


I'm Sumedh Bhattacharya and I've spent a lot of my life tinkering with code, playing with video games written using code, listening to electronic instruments generated by code, and find new ways to interact with friends and family on platforms running on code. I suppose you can say, I like code.

With the Fluora Team, I work on making sure you can interact with your Fluora plant how you want to, whether that be through the Fluora app or other smart home integrations. Most of my work has revolved around developing the Android and iOS versions of our app, and connecting our plant network to other 3P IoT platforms.

Why you make with LEDs:

I believe LEDs provide us a way to create a digital personality in our real, physical world. We can bring the vibrancy and dynamism of the images and animations we are used to seeing on our 2D screens, and inject them into our living environment with the help of some carefully programmed and well-placed bright lights.

With products like Fluora, we are able to further break into the 3D space and imbue our homes, restaurants, lounges, stores, etc. with an ever-changing array of colors that match the mood and character we want to set for the given place at the given moment.

Favorite Artist:

It would be impossible to pick one artist but I love Progressive House, Dubstep, Trance, and Rock. Favorite artists include Knife Party, Green Day, NGHTMRE, and Armin van Buuren.

Dream Project:

A VR music festival! Tomorrowland Virtual showed how powerful a multiplayer music festival set in Unreal Engine 5 can be. Now imagine that with virtual reality! 

Meet Torie!

Meet Torie!

Hi, I’m Torie! I run Fluora’s social media marketing. In my spare time, I’m a DJ, event curator, art car builder, and wearer of many hats.

I am part of a music collective & record label called Inquiry Collective that has been my pet project for years – we host events up and down California with an incredible family of talented musicians & artists.

I love to travel, snowboard, and create art and experiences.


Fluora and the Future of Biophilic Design

Fluora and the Future of Biophilic Design

Take a moment. 

Imagine a time you recently felt stressed or anxious. 

If you could escape to anywhere to reduce this anxiety, where would you go? 

Scientifically, one of the best places to go is to immerse yourself in nature. What if we could recreate the same physical, emotional and psychological benefits of being in nature within our homes and commercial spaces?

This is the idea behind biophilic design

The goal of biophilic design is to connect with the earth in your built environment through direct and indirect nature, space and place. Evidence of these principles can be found dating back to the hanging gardens of Babylon. The Japanese have a term for it called shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing. Biophilic design amplifies human performance and productivity by fulfilling the human inclination to affiliate with nature.