Instructional Videos

The following 7 videos walk you through the basic steps of setting up your Fluora plant and troubleshooting any issues you might run into. If after these videos you are still having issues, please don’t hesitate to email support at

Plugging in Stems

Learn how to install and plug in each of the 5 stems into the base of the pot.

Bending Stems

Learn how to safely bend the stems into a more natural shape.

Plugging in Leaves

Learn how to plug each of the 18 leaves in to the stems.

WiFi Commissioning

In order to control your fluora plant with the mobile app, you must first connect the plant to your desired WiFi network.

WiFi Network Reset

If you are having issues connecting your plant to your desired WiFi network or you wish to change the network the plant is connected to, you need to perform a Network Reset.

Mobie App Overview

The mobile app is the ultimate way to control all the features of your plant. Once your plant is connected to your desired WiFi network, you can control everything from brightness, hue, animation, to scheduled times for your plant to turn on and off.


If you are having issues with your plant, there are some easy common techniques you can do at home to diagnose the issue.