Meet Aaron!

Meet Aaron!

I’m Aaron, one of the co-founders of Color + Light. 

I’m the main email sender for the company :) 

In addition, I lead our sales, business operations, manufacturing and marketing efforts.  I’ve been in the LED art space for 6 years - mainly taking the role of producer on projects I am involved in.  When I’m not typing, I like to play music, surf and cook.

Why you make with LEDs:

I instantly fell in love with LEDs because they were such a tactile piece of hardware at the intersection of art and technology. They have a real life presence that is just so much better than a screen to me.

Favorite Artist:

I’ve been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately. I also really like this french guy Lewis OfMan

Dream Project:

Since I got into LEDs, I’ve been wanting to make a wearable LED wristband that measures and enhances musical experiences - and connects people with similar musical psychographic signatures. One day!