Fluora Mini FAQ & Videos

If you are having problems with your Fluora Mini, please start here. If you are still having issues after going through this page, reach out to us at support@fluoraplant.com

For all WiFi and connectivity issues - we are aware of these problems and working on fixes and longer term solutions. These are complex issues and we are dedicated to making rapid improvements. Please be patient with us, it is our top priority at the moment.



A. My Fluora Mini won’t connect to my WiFi network.

  • Please watch the WiFI commissioning Video
  • Please note: 
    • Fluora only works with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks, so if you have a dual band router, connect to the 2.4 GHz network only.
    • Confirm the WiFi network and password are EXACTLY right - this is case sensitive. Please note the WiFi network name is typed into the second slot, and the password is into the 3rd slot.
    • Confirm your phone is on the EXACT same WiFi network as the Fluora (correct GHz as well).
    • If your Fluora is more than 30 feet away from your router, try moving your Fluora Mini closer to your router and going through the WiFi commissioning process again.
    • If you have a VPN, unique security settings or Firewalls on your networks or router, this may cause connectivity issues
    • Right now, we are aware of an issue of Fluora not being able to connect to networks with network name or password longer than 20 characters. If this is true for your network, let us know and we'll be releasing a fix in the next week.

B. My Fluora Mini is connected to my WiFi, but I can’t see it in the app. Fluora says Offline in the app:

  1. Please see the troubleshooting video here.
  2. After you put the Fluora on your home WiFi network (should say "Connected" in the app and the plant should flash green), please power cycle it (unplug it via the wall outlet and plug it back in).
  3. Then, close out of the app completely and re-start it. You may need to wait up to 2 minutes to see it in the app.
  4. Try this 3 times. If it is still not working, you may need to reset the Fluora’s WiFi network and put it back on your home network.


C. My Fluora Mini won’t turn on:

Here are some steps you can take to fix this issue:


  1. Confirm your Fluora is plugged into a working AC Power Wall outlet
  2. Confirm you've setup your Fluora according to the instructions in the manual
  3. Confirm your stems are properly plugged in. watch the video here
  4. Look inside your Fluora pot from the top down. You should see a dim red light through the clear plastic piece in the center of the pot. If you don’t see a red light, let us know
  5. If you do see a red light, and have confirmed you've plugged in your stems according to the video, it is likely you have a rare power supply issue.

If you are still having problems, please book a 15 minute troubleshooting call here, so we can confirm the issue. If the issue is confirmed, we'll have you return just your Fluora Pot, and ship you a brand new, tested one.


D. My stems or leaves are not turning on:

  • Watch the troubleshooting video. Reach out at support@colorandlight.art if you are still having problems.

E. My stems or leaves are flickering:

  • Watch the troubleshooting video. Reach out at support@colorandlight.art if you are still having problems.


F. Do you ship internationally?

  • We're hoping to ship to Europe and Australia by early 2024. We do not have an estimated date for other continents at the moment. Please sign up for the mailing list on our website or follow us on instagram to be notified of when we ship.

G. During WiFi commissioning, the “Connect” button does not work.


  • We are aware of this issue and working on a longer term fix. In the meantime, please try power cycling the fluora (unplug and replug from the wall) and then closing out of the app completely and launching it again. Try the commissioning process again, and it should work. If you get stuck on connecting, hit the cancel button and try again in the app.

H. Where is my Fluora Mini Plant stand?


  • Your Fluora Plant stands will be shipped in late September. They are on our second shipping container. Sorry for the delay!