Having a problem with your Fluora? Start here!

See the Fluora Mini FAQ page here.

See read about potential issues below and how to troubleshoot them.

See all Fluora instructional videos here.

Buy replacement hardware here.

A. My Fluora stopped turning on:

  1. Check to make sure Fluora is on
  2. Make sure the Fluora is plugged into the wall
  3. Ensure the wall outlet you are plugged into works
  4. Confirm the Fluora Pot is on (“I” button is pushed down)
  5. If it still doesn’t come on - your power cable may be the issue:

The first possibility is that the power cable has fallen out - you can check in the video here.

The second possibility is that the cable between the power cable and has gone bad. See how to check for this in the video here.

If you confirm that the cable has gone bad, email us to get a new one, free of charge: fluora@colorandlight.art 

B. My Stems/Leaves have stopped working or are flickering:

  1. For each of the problem areas, figure out if it is a problem with the leaf, or the stem. You can watch this video to troubleshoot.
  2. If it is a problematic stem: make sure the problem stem is plugged into the right slot on the frame

The letter of the stem should match the letter etched into the frame where the stem goes into the frame

Example: the “A” stem should be plugged into the “A” slot in the frame.

You may need to take the moss out of the frame to see the letters clearly.

     3. To troubleshoot the stem:

Try going from bottom to top, making sure each leaf is fully plugged into the stem.

Using both hands, hold the end of the stem with one hand and the leaf with the other and push the leaf into the stem to engage the connector fully.

You should have received an extra spare leaf with your shipment. Try swapping the problematic leaf with the extra and see if it is working. If you don't have an extra, take a known working leaf from another stem and plug it in the stem slot that is causing problems. If it does not fix the problem, try swapping out the leaf below the problematic leaf with another known good leaf.

If it works fine, the problem was with the original leaf. If it doesn't, the problem is with the stem.

If you are sure you’ve identified a problem, you can order replacement hardware here.

If you are unsure, email us to setup time to troubleshoot your Fluora: fluora@colorandlight.art

C. I can’t see my Fluora in my Fluora app:

  1. Try performing a network reset:
    1. Watch the “network reset video” here.
    2. restart the Fluora plant (turn the switch in the frame on/off), wait 1 minute, and then perform a network reset (hold the function button for 8 seconds), 
  2. Then wait 2 minutes and see if the "Fluora" wifi network shows up. If it does, try and put it on your home WiFi network and see if you can control it in the app.
  3. If you still can’t see your Fluora, email us: fluora@colorandlight.art

D. My Fluora is stuck on Green:

If you can get Fluora on your WiFi network, but it is still stuck on green: there is a 5 digit code on the bottom of the pot. Write that down and send it to us.

  • If you can’t get Fluora to connect to your WiFi network, email us: fluora@colorandlight.art