Spotlight: Electric Meadow Art Installation at Electric Forest Music Festival 2023

Spotlight: Electric Meadow Art Installation at Electric Forest Music Festival 2023
Did you know the team behind Fluora also does large scale art installations? Check out a deep dive of our latest one below 👇

July 2023 | Electric Meadow @ Electric Forest Music Festival

Electric Meadow is a kaleidoscope of color and nature.
Experience Electric Forest coming to life
with a symphony of over 500 light-infused flowers
that swirl and pulse around you. 

Color+light, the team behind Fluora, fabricated and installed this art installation for Electric Forest Music Festival.

See a video of the finished installation here.

The flower garden was an expansive lighting environment. We created one giant 3D canvas out of all of the flowers, which allowed us to run animations that swirled around the audience in the center, and made them feel completely immersed in a different world.

Each flower was staked directly into the ground with a hollow fiberglass rod that acted as the stem. Wiring inside the stem delivered power and data from LED controllers and power supplies buried underground.

The flowers seemed to sprout out of the ground, with no visible wiring or controls, suspending a magical experience for festival go-ers.

What we love about festivals is the sheer number of people that get to experience our art. Over 50,000 people attended the 4 day event, held in Rothbury, MI. The audience has already stepped into another world by entering into the festival grounds. Discovering our art installation was one of the signature moments of their experience. We watched hundreds of people walk through the installation, completely mesmerized.

Check out a behind the scenes video showing off how we built it here.

Talking with people at our installations like these is what inspired us to create Fluora in the first place. 

Fluora Mini is currently en route to California and will be in stock in 3 weeks! Grab one now before they sell out!

~ The Fluora Team ~

Fluora Mini Production Update

Fluora Mini Production Update

We just wrapped up an amazing weeklong visit with our manufacturing partners in China! Everything went swimmingly and we are beyond excited to wrap up production here and get our customers their Fluora plants!


Now, we’ve seen our whole production with our own eyes and are more confident than ever in the quality of the product and the manufacturing behind it.


Every detail of Fluora Mini is robust and beautiful. We’re sure you’re gonna love it!


Read on for a deeper dive of our visit.


We spent the last week in Shenzhen, China, where many components of our product are manufactured and assembled. We spent multiple days in our manufacturing partner’s warehouse that does final assembly and testing, looking at and testing all the Fluora Mini components, and refining our manufacturing process.


We worked together to take Fluora Mini units through the full production line, into final testing, and boxing.


Here are some pictures.

Fluora Mini Final Testing

Final Fluora Mini Testing - confirming all electrical components work before units go into box.

Final Units Boxed Up and ready to go.

Flashing Software onto first PCBs.

In addition to working with our main manufacturing partners, we got to visit a couple other factories we work with. Our favorites were the factory that makes our LED Leaves, who we’ve been working with for over 7 years. Finally meeting in person was a trip!


We also visited the factory that manufactures the Fluora Circuit Board. These factories are crazy state-of-the-art, with millions of dollars of PCB making machines.

Watching the process of checking PCBs after components are soldered on.

On top of this, we ate some amazing local food from many different Chinese regions, and made some new friends.

The production units will be manufactured over the next 3 weeks, and get on an ocean freight container to the USA in late June. We hop to start shipping units out to customers in Late July/Early August.

That's it for now!

~ The Fluora Team ~


Fluora Mini Production has started!

Fluora Mini Production has started!
We’re working with over 10 fabrication partners and factories to build Fluora Mini - and everything is currently in motion, from the stems and leaves, to the circuit boards and electronics!
In the last couple weeks, we also received the final Fluora Mini units from our “PVT” (production validation testing) manufacturing run. These units were built using all of our final components, assembly and testing processes in China, and they turned out amazingly good!
We’re currently producing over 2200 units, and hope to ship to customers in Late June! 
If you haven’t seen the Fluora Mini, learn more here.