Fluora Mini

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Fluora Mini is the most dynamic and mesmerizing smart light in the world.

Like a next generation digital fireplace, Fluora’s incredible variety of colors, textures, and atmospheric effects make every moment a little more magical. Ships within 1 week of purchase.



Part Houseplant, Part Smart Light, Part Digital Artpiece.

Make your home the destination with Fluora Mini.

All the magic of the original Fluora at less than half the price.

Assembly is a breeze! Check out our assembly video here.


- 9x LED Leaves

- 3x Soft Touch Stems

- 1x Ceramic Pot with AC power plug

- Mobile app & content

Want to dive into Fluora Mini specs and features? They are listed on our Indiegogo page.

1 year warranty

10-year average LED lifespan

Try before you buy

No cost, hassle-free 30 day returns

Pay over time

In 4 equal payments with Klarna

Next Generation Interactivity

Fluora Love

Incredibly Easy Assembly

Connect Stems
Connect Leaves
Connect Power

Fluora’s soothing and immersive lighting effects enhance your everyday life

Promote Focus

Helps You Relax

Brings Music to Life

The App

If Fluora is a canvas, the app is your paintbrush. Use it to explore our library of custom animations, and fine-tune your favorites. Sync Multiple Fluoras together with ease. All through the connection on your home WiFi network.

Perfected by Engineers

Fluora is powered by PixelAir, the Immersive Lighting Platform.

Built around entertainment, multi-sensory experiences, and FUN! This is the world’s first consumer-facing 3D lighting engine.

This technology is an order of magnitude more dynamic, exciting, and interactive than anything else on the market.

With PixelAir, every LED on every leaf and stem is mapped in physical space, creating a true 3D Lighting product with a 360 degree display angle.

Our animation engine sends data to each LED at a rate of 60 frames per second.

PixelAir allows Fluora to swirl and pulse to life with mesmerizing content in over 16 million color combinations, all controlled by your phone.


Fluora Deserves a Worthy Throne

Elevate your Fluora to a true centerpiece with a stand.

Rustic Wooden Stand


Mid-Century Wooden Stand


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tannee Lapointe

Fluora Mini

Super cute, very bright! Wow!

I love my lil Fluora. The design is so elegant! Much brighter and more eye-catching than I thought it'd be. Does seem a touch fragile, so I'm a lil nervous to bend the stems to my liking, but support was very helpful in resolving my issue. :) I wish I could afford one for every room!

A fabulous well executed product well worth its price tag …

I collect all sorts of light based things and I’m very happy with my Fluora purchase. The build quality is exquisite. Truth be told without even knowing of this product I bought a similar cheap Chinese version a few years ago, which turned out to be a much inferior incomplete kit of parts that that with all my years of wiring pixel based LEDs I gave up with and threw it out , cutting my losses.
Whilst the price of Fluor might seem excessive , you are getting a well built product, packaged well, that is easy to assemble and even in it early software versions has well thought through patterns and effects that like good wine I’ll mature with age.
I often judge experiences/purchases that if I suddenly lost the item knowing know would I replace it , and with fluora the answer would be a definite YES …

Andrea Frisk

Love it,

Andrew Stevens
Cute and detailed work

This item is surprisingly large, diameter wise. The inserts can be finicky when plugging in the plants but Fluora provided replacement stems promptly. The app to use the device is also dodgy but the company is working to fix said issue. This is a great, cute piece, recommended over the larger version for those on the fence.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay for Fluora in 4 equal installments with Klarna. When checking out, you can pick Klarna as an option for payment.  Learn more here. Reach out to us if you have any questions at support@fluoraplant.com.

We accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us at support@fluoraplant.com to process a return.

We will replace or repair any hardware that fails as a result of “normal use” for a period of 1 year following the purchase. Read more at the bottom of the Fluora Mini manual.

Fluora is not waterproof, or rated for long term outdoor use. If you’d like to use it outside for a couple of hours, that will not damage any of the hardware, so long as is not raining.

No, we currently only ship to USA and Canada. We hope to start shipping to other countries as soon as Winter 2023. Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified!

Fluora plugs into a normal 3 prong 120V AC wall outlet. It is not battery powered, and can’t be used without the wall plug.

Fluora Mini can produce up to 675 Lumens at full brightness. This is about as bright as a normal 60W light bulb found in most homes.

The LEDs in Fluora Mini’s leaves are rated for 10 years of everyday use. All other components will not degrade over time, and are expect to last over 10 years.

Yes, Fluora defaults to “automatic” mode, where it cycles through animations. You can also put it into a manual mode and cycle through individual patterns with the button inside the pot.

Scam Warning

The only place to buy the original Fluora Mini created by color+light is from our website. Our official social media handles are listed below, we do use these handles to promote our product. Other than that, we have no affiliation with other LED Houseplant products, companies, or social media accounts.

Many scams copied and plagiarized our last campaign, product imagery and renders on fake websites, Instagram, or TikTok ads.

If you find these fake websites and advertisements, let us know, and report them if possible.

Here’s a review from an original Fluora customer who tried to buy a knockoff Fluora as a second unit: