Fluora was designed to feel like a living, breathing piece of art

5 Naturally Shapeable Stems

18 Illuminating Leaves

270 individually addressable LEDs

Feel the creative power at your fingertips

Fluora isn’t just a lighting fixture. It’s a 3d canvas—your canvas. We’ve made it possible for you to curate and fine tune your vibe from a library of animations, all from your mobile phone.

As experiential designers, we also understand that the key to a transcendent experience is great content. That’s why every animation you’ll experience is specially hand-crafted for Fluora by our artists and engineers.

But we didn’t stop there.

What makes Fluora’s animations special is that they are not driven by videos or other pre-rasterized assets. Since they are algorithmic by nature, each pattern is responsive in real-time, and rendered with infinite resolution and color fidelity.

Every pattern also has parameters that can alter its behavior, from speed and color to ‘bounce’ and ‘sparkly-ness.’ You can even layer patterns and effects together to create more complex looks. A whole digital universe is truly at your command.

The Future of home lighting

To realize the vision we had for Fluora, we didn’t just have to build the world’s first 3D home lighting product. We also had to bring a true 3d LED animation engine into the product.

We call it Photon™.

Beyond customization, Photon will make it possible to seamlessly integrate Fluora with existing lighting systems in your home. That means you can control and customize all your light fixtures, including Fluora, as if they were a single unit.

Thanks to Photon, every Fluora plant is also able to run its own animations locally. This virtually eliminates latency, and allows for blazing-fast refresh rates. But that’s just the beginning of our plans for Photon.

In the future, our software platform will give you the power to design your own multisensory experiences. Imagine synchronizing your Spotify, Peloton, or Calm account with Fluora. We also envision Photon learning your preferences over time, enabling automated and predictive lighting.

16 Million Color Combinations

Integrates with your home

Our roadmap for Floura includes integration with all large home automation ecosystems and smart lights

Floura components

  • # LED Leaves


  • # Stems


  • Ceramic Pot


  • Wooden Plant Stand (optional)

  • Downloadable mobile app for control

  • Wattage Use


  • LEDs

    270 total || 15 per leaf

  • Input voltage

    270 total || 15 per leaf

  • Max height with stand


  • Max height without stand


  • Max height


  • Weight (with stand)

    24 lbs

  • Pot dimensions

    10" L x 10" W x 12" H

  • Leaf dimensions

    5.5" L x 2.5" W x 1.5" H

  • Stand dimensions

    15" L x 15" W x 11" H

  • Dimmimng

    Software dimmimg 0% - 100%

  • Colors

    16 million

  • Brightness (Max lumen output)


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