Meet Torie!

Meet Torie!

Hi, I’m Torie! I run Fluora’s social media marketing. In my spare time, I’m a DJ, event curator, art car builder, and wearer of many hats.

I am part of a music collective & record label called Inquiry Collective that has been my pet project for years – we host events up and down California with an incredible family of talented musicians & artists.

I love to travel, snowboard, and create art and experiences.

Why you love LEDs:

I first found the Tree of Tenere at Burning Man years ago and was instantly captivated by the potentials of LED lighting intermixed with such breathtaking art. When Color+light announced their Kickstarter for Fluora, Aaron reached out to me about coming on-board to assist with marketing – we are actually old friends from the same hometown, believe it or not! – and I was absolutely thrilled to join the team.

There is something so unique about being able to offer a piece of truly customizable art that fits so comfortably into your home – I often find myself fiddling with my Fluora’s sound reactivity often while playing music at home for hours on end, ha! I have always had a passion for creating unique & memorable experiences for others, and Fluora absolutely falls into that category.

Favorite Artist:

Way too many to name, and artist is a broad bucket :) but a few of my favorites - Yung Pueblo (poet), Maya Jane Coles (musician), Four Tet (musician), Courtney Kinnare (fine art). As a DJ I also play a lot of house - techno - breakbeats and have always been inspired by producers like Nicolas Jaar, Bicep, Axel Boman, and Avalon Emerson.

Dream Project:

I dream of one day hosting my own curated weekend event - I won’t call it a festival, but rather a smaller community gathering (a glorified renegade, really) - of musicians, art, art cars, interactivity and beyond that brings together the many groups of talented artists and creators I’ve had the honor of connecting with over the years. It’s a bucket list item for sure!